Youth Employment

Happy woman as a teacher or childminder together with children in the day care center

Career Experience and Confidence

By linking numerous area businesses with teens for custom mentoring experiences, Youth Alliance is a regional leader in helping teens develop stronger career skills, academic skills and leadership drive.

Verbal instruction is important, but seeing how words translate into action is crucial during the teen years. The Youth Employment programs offered through Youth Alliance emphasize the importance of having positive role models. Journey to Unite Mentors and Parents (JUMP) and Northwest Missouri Mentoring Partnership (MMP) connect young people with adults willing to walk them through important life skills relating to employment and parenting.

The Jobs League Program

The Jobs League Program is funded by Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant and is administered by the Missouri Department of Social Services. The program is intended to allow Missouri’s youth opportunities to gain valuable work experience to prepare them for tomorrow’s careers. Eligible youth must be between 14-24 years of age and meet established income guidelines. Availability of Jobs League slots are at the discretion of the funder, but those selected for participation will be assessed to identify age-appropriate education and career goals and will be placed in a job with a local employer for 320 hours over the course of the fiscal year earning minimum wage.


YouthBuild is a program for young adults, 17 – 24 years old.  This program is for those who have dropped out of high school and are motivated to change their lives for the better! YouthBuild St. Joseph has a construction or a Certified Nurse Assistant career pathway. If a person is interested in working in one of the construction unions or wants a foot in the door to the medical world, this program will make that possible. When enrolled, the young adult will have six months to earn their HSE and complete their training to start their career. Also, during those six months, the participant will be paid to be in class and training. That is right! PAID to learn. You can fill out an application here. Come learn, grow, and find purpose! We look forward to helping you on your journey!

The Youth Future Career Program

The Youth Future Career Program is funded by the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division and the Workforce Initiatives Team and is administered by Youth Alliance. Futures serves young adults, 16-21, who have been involved with the Missouri foster care system. The program offers opportunities like life skills training, case management, employment services, and supportive services, all designed to help them achieve economic security. Futures participants can also earn incentives for meeting program goals by working, meeting with their case manager, getting good grades in school, and graduating.

Northwest Missouri Mentoring Partnership (MMP)

Northwest Missouri Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is a program designed to develop employment skills in teens ages 16 – 24 years. Young people in the mentoring program create a resume, participate in an application workshop and practice interviewing with staff and local business partners to make sure they put their best foot forward when talking to employers about a job opportunity. Participants will be placed in a mentored employment relationship where their case manager can help them communicate with the employee about any questions or concerns, to develop the best scenario for a positive outcome.