Early Childhood

Happy woman as a teacher or childminder together with children in the day care center

Working Alongside Childcare Providers

The most critical foundation for a child’s educational success occurs before they ever start school. Youth Alliance works with area childcare providers to offer customized technical assistance. The goal is to equip childcare providers in 11 counties to provide a quality learning environment.

At the core of all Youth Alliance programs is a commitment to improve education and facilitate positive life experiences for the youngest members of our community. Youth Alliance is involved with numerous efforts toward those ends believing that the first three years of life are foundational to future success.

Substance Use Prevention

Alongside the St. Joseph Police Department, 43 Responsible Beverage Server training courses were offered in 2011 and a total of 384 alcohol inspections. During the most recent 12-month period, the compliance check failure rate had declined from previous figures of more than 50 percent to around 10 percent.