Board of Directors

The Youth Alliance Board of Directors consists of a committed, talented group of community members representing the goals and focus areas that make a lasting impact on our youth. Board members represent local educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, city personnel, students and individuals working in healthcare and finance, among others.


Roger Martin, President
Altec Industries, Inc. -retired

Jeff Langdon, Vice President
Retired Pharmacist

Pam Klauss, Secretary
Director, Center for Franchise Development
Missouri Western State University

Sami Pfalzgraf, Treasurer
First Lutheran Church

David Stevenson
Stevenson Family Pharmacy
Honorary Member

Joyce Starr
City Council Member

Janie Findley
Loan Officer -retired

Melissa Lawyer
Attorney at Law

Sarah Sedlacek
Nurse Practitioner

Madi Taylor
Missouri Western State University

Richard Bird
Circuit Manager
Missouri Department of Social Services

Jason Strong
St. Joseph Police Department

Dr. Gabe Edgar
St. Joseph School District

Todd Miller
St. Joseph Christian School

Kenton Randolph
Randolph Seating and Mobility

Roger Lenander
Retired Pastor, honorary member