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St. Joseph Youth Alliance
5223 Mitchell Avenue
St. Joseph, MO 64507
(816) 232-0050

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30 Years Strong

Since 1991, Youth Alliance has worked alongside our member organizations to prevent teen substance abuse, to help create quality early childhood education opportunities and to help teens find ways to serve their community while learning new job skills.

We’ve dedicated 30 years of time, talent and resources from our partners and members toward placing our youth on top as a community asset. Together, we’re setting the tone for our community by promoting youth asset development, community engagement and responsibility and the value of early childhood education.

Our Values

Youth Alliance is committed to several core beliefs which govern all of our community interactions. Those beliefs and values are as follows:

  1. A commitment to making a difference
  2. Fiscal responsibility in all endeavors
  3. Collaboration as a means of accomplishing goals
  4. Resource identification and development within the community
  5. Being alert to and identifying community needs
  6. Ensuring that each program results in quality outcomes
  7. A commitment to advocacy toward the issues that impact our youth

What We Believe

Our mission is to engage with community partners in practical ways in order to improve the lives of children and families. Our work is more important than ever, because we know that youth in Northwest Missouri are facing new pressures and dangers – such as bullying, depression, suicide risks and increasing exposure to drugs or alcohol. Youth Alliance engages in programs that work toward six specific goals that we believe fulfill our mission of improving the lives of children and families:

  • Children and families are safe
  • Children and families are healthy
  • Children are ready to enter school
  • Children and youth are succeeding in school
  • Youth are ready to enter the work force and become productive citizens
  • Parents can maintain meaningful employment