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St. Joseph Youth Alliance
5223 Mitchell Avenue
St. Joseph, MO 64507
(816) 232-0050

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Since 1991, St. Joseph Youth Alliance has been leading the charge alongside community partners in Northwest Missouri to make sure local children and teens have the brightest futures possible. We are a membership-based 501c3 non-profit organization, and our members include local businesses, community members and fellow non-profit organizations who share our goals.

The initiatives coordinated by Youth Alliance are designed to:

Lead comprehensive community programs to help local teens live a life free of drugs and alcohol

Reduce the risks of childhood abuse and neglect for young children

Connect teens and young adults with powerful career mentoring and service opportunities

Help centers that serve young children provide the safest, most dynamic educational environments.

We have a few programs we want you to know about:

Youth Volunteer CorpsAre you 11-18 years old and interested in volunteering? Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) creates volunteer opportunities to address community needs in St. Joseph, MO. It is a supervised, team-based service-learning program hosted by Youth Alliance. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities and are wanting to get more involved in the community, sign up for one of our projects at

YouthBuildYouthBuild, is a program for young adults, 17-24 years old. This program is for those who have dropped out of high school and are motivated to change their lives for the better! YouthBuild St. Joseph is interested in working in one of the construction unions or wants a foot in the door to the medical world, this program will make that possible. When enrolled, the young adult will have six months to earn their HSE and complete their training to start their career. Also, during those six months, the participant will be paid to be in class and training. That is right! PAID to learn. You can fill out an application here. Come learn, grow, and find purpose! We look forward to helping you on your journey!

JUMPJourney to Unite Mentors and Parents (JUMP) is a mentoring program designed to meet the unique needs and concerns of pregnant and parenting teens. A collaborative effort between the YWCA, Mosaic Life Car and Youth Alliance, JUMP links teens with a trained mentor who provides support, encouragement, and occasional insight on parenting skills, academic achievements, and long-term goal setting. Program participants can provide in a variety of program activities including: school visits, group meetings, mentor mixers, and more to enhance their mentee/mentor relationships, and to gain the greatest benefit from the program.

POWER ProjectDo you owe child support? Could you use some assistance finding employment? The POWER Project is an employment assistance program for individuals who owe child support. If you would like some assistance with both paying child support and finding and maintaining employment, please contact us at 816-232-0050.